Technical Offer

We work on the following types of projects:



Replacement of old, coal fired boilers at municipal heating facilities with modern gas CHP units (usually gas engines). District heating companies become power producers. New generation unit covers majority (up to 80%) of the system heating demands. Old boilers remain only peaking and back-up facilities. This results in significant reduction of coal related emissions and we avoid expensive refurbishments needed to enhance coal boilers to coming stringent environmental regulations.

Small co-generation and tri-generation CHP plants – we use gas engines (0,5 -,3 MWe) to provide electricity, heat (process steam) and chill tailored to meet specific customer needs. We offer full coverage for customer’s power needs for cost less than buying electricity and heat from utility suppliers.

Biomass CHP Plants – new 10 – 30 MWe power units fired with variety of agro and forest biomass.



We are currently focused on two type of projects:

  • Solar ground mounted farms up to 1 MWp
  • Solar roof mounted installations above 100 kWp for industrial customers and property owners for in-house consumption of generated energy

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