Polish Energy Market


There is an intensive debate in Poland about the future economics of various energy technologies, its scale and fuels.
In our opinion Environmental regulations (ETS and IE Directives, etc.) will continue encouraging to invest in energy projects characterized by high efficiency and low emissions. We also predict growing interest in distributed generation.

Almost all Polish district heating companies must refurbish or replace its obsolete production facilities with modern clean and efficient technology. In all such locations, where only heat is produced in the water boilers there is opportunity for cogeneration.

In near future we also expect increasing interest among medium size energy consumers (0,5-3 MWe) to build dedicated co- and tri-generation CHP facilities tailored exactly to their needs. Such complex solution will reduce the overall energy costs. They will often be built in an outsourcing model.

Such projects should be attractive to large shopping centers, food processing companies, hospitals, leisure parks, greenhouses, office buildings and others. We estimate this market in Poland for several dozen or even several hundreds of projects.


The Poland’s Renewable Energy Action Plan (KPD) sets a target to achieve 19,3% of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020. It means that ca. 13 TWh of additional production from RES is required. We estimate that solar technology is well positioned to cover about 20% of this demand.